OfficeTipsHealer came to life in 2016...simply because we care about you.

This website is aimed to provide some practical advice to students, postgraduates and office workers who are looking forward to speeding up their performance and to managing their stress at work.

Not everybody talks about their issues at work but it does not mean they do not have any. Some postgraduates and young professionals do suffer more than others by not knowing how to handle their issues.

Some students do not know how to deliver a successful CV and how to prepare an interview which could open the doors to the corporate world. I have been there!

So many people need help from the moment their clock wakes them up in the morning saying 'get to work now...right now!!... that you want it or not!'... to the moment they close their tired eyes after a long working day which is sometimes longer than what is actually legally written in their employment contract.

This community is helping numerous professionals (i.e. postgraduates, office workers) regardless of their role or the industry they are in, returning to work after a sabbatical or maternity leave, and those who are just looking for a refresher to become more efficient at work every day and reduce significantly the anxiety, the stress and illness they have carried for many years. This is done by applying Aline's learnings first, and then experiencing the positive changes.

OfficeTipsHealer is an answer to the following questions:

  • How can I boost my career so I can get a job or get a better one?
  • How do I avoid challenging situations and conflicts with my peers, direct report, line managers and stakeholders in the work environment?
  • How do I increase my productivity and avoid stretching my daily working hours?
  • How do I increase my efficiency so my competences are recognised in my organisation?

Here is what you will find in OfficeTipsHealer blog:

  • 90% practical tips to succeed in the corporate world and be stress free. 10% is for motivational quotes, jokes, songs and personal stories (follow us on Facebook to access them).
  • A community of like-minded workers who want to learn/discuss ways of handling challenging situations, relationships at work or who want to obtain some tips to FastTrack their career.
  • Some useful tips and psychological support for professionals so they find the resilience they need to go through their 9-5 job.
  • Some basic and advanced practical suggestions to perform and manage relationships in the corporate world.

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We wish you some great reading, watching and a lot of success in your career. 

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